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Spark-Binder Capital closed a $13 million unitranche credit facility to a vertically integrated aerospace company. The company has manufacturing, distribution as well as repair capabilities. It operates primarily in the military sector of aerospace with numerous platforms. The funds were used to complete an add on acquisition.

Utilizing decades of experience in the capital markets, along with underwriting capabilities, the appropriate capital provider was identified, and the transaction closed in an efficient manner. Utilizing a targeted approach for raising capital saved time, effort, and expense, stated Milton Iskra, Managing Partner.

Spark-Binder Capital is located in Dallas. For Securities related investment banking services, including M&A and institutional capital raising, principles of Spark-Binder are registered representatives and securities are offered through Stonehaven, LLC Member FINRA/SIPC. Regulatory disclosures: Disclaimers & Risks, Privacy Policy, and Form CRS.

Spark-Binder Capital closes a $12 million credit facility for company in the midstream energy sector

Spark-Binder Capital provides expert witness testimony on fraudulent conveyance activity in a bankruptcy proceedings

Spark-Binder Capital advises on alternative financing options and structures for mass tort litigation firm

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